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The wine scanner…



MyOeno has developed an IoT which defines the identity card (ID) of the wine.

That’s easy! Just immerse the scanner into your glass of wine and you instantly receive (in less than 2 seconds) its main oenological characteristics. For red wine, you will know the level of strength, acidity and tannins.

All along your degustations, just indicate to the application, thanks to stars, if you like or dislike this wine.

MyOeno builds your favorite wine tastes and suggests you similar wines that you should appreciate.

Each user shares its scans to the community.

And now imagine when you are in front of a wine (in a supermarket or restaurant). You just have to take a picture of the label and the application gives you its ID from the previous tests already completed by the community.

You do not need to open the bottle to know its style! And you can buy it in complete confidence. Whatever the price (an expensive bottle is not always the best), the label (a famous appellation is not always the best), or the other wine tasters’ opinions (different from your own tastes).

For bottles whith cellaring potential, the main problematic is to know if it should be enjoyed right now or if it’s better to wait. After indicating to MyOeno your bottles you have in you cellar, you receive a notification at each time same wines are savoured. So, for the first time, you can follow the wine evolution and you can decide the best moment to enjoy it.

With MyOeno, keep focus on the basics, your taste!

Main functions: