Wine scanner 

74,00 €

Wine scanner,  89,00 €

Wine holds no secrets for you

Called MyOeno, it’s a smart scanner that you dip into a glass of vino, and which will then feed you all the relevant information you need by sending it to your smartphone. Details that it can register include strength, tannins, acidity, evolution, and more.

Key features

Understand your wine

The MyOeno scanner allows you to understand your wines' structure (strength, tannins, vivacity) and therefore, to fine-tune your understanding of what you like and dislike.

Buy wines that suit you

Find out where to buy your favorite wines near you at the best price.

Create profiles for your favorite wines

Select your favorite wines to find them easily and receice recommandations.

Create your virtual cellar

Make a list of your favorite wines and their characteristics, and easily find out where to buy them near you.

Share your tastings with friends

Create groups of friends to exchange and share your discoveries and preferences.

Unlimited access to the database

3 million wines referenced

They recommend it

Check out profesionnal testimonials about our wine scanner.

Jérémy Cadière
Sommelier, Nîmes

"the application takes objective measures and combines them with the users' palates so that they can make their own sensory analysis."

Valérie et Loïg Gicque
Restaurant owners, Paris

“Fine wine enthusiasts will appreciate its sleek design and user friendliness. Place it in the glass and the app will provide the tannin, strength, and vivacity, as well as a little description of the wine. 

Marielle Kubik
Sommelière, Paris

“The connoisseur has often made an investment and naturally wants to drink the bottle at the best time. With MyOeno, you have a very objective idea of its potential for aging.“

About us

The main common thread between Bastien and Fabien is their love of wine. Whilst they were strolling through the aisles of various wine shows, they were confronted with the issue of tasting a host of different wines and trying to compare them to choose favorites to buy. Then, by dint of tasting sessions and more or less successful attempts at describing and memorizing wines, the frustration of questing the/their “truth” took hold of the MyOeno founders and became a real need.“After 2 years of research and design, we’ve now found the most effective, most adapted technique for everyday use for everyone”.